Growing demands for more bandwidth require fiber deployment closer to the subscribers. With the right solution in last mile in line with network environment, sufficient bandwidth can be secured with minimal investment. There are many cases which are more affordable than the deployment of new fiber in last mile such as buildings like multi tenant or dwelling unit. Fiber To The Building network can be realistic option for operators in high dense buildings where the deployment of new fiber is not affordable.

 Corecess provides an optimized FTTB network solution with various options of ONU which guarantees symmetric 100 Mbps such as Fast Ethernet Tx and Fx switches, VDSL2 IP based DSLAM. ONU can be connected directly to OLT with Gigabit Ethernet, GPON, GEPON and WDM PON. With common function and form factor, ONU maximizes the simplicity of handling, upgrading and management of network while providing superior functions with high performance such as multicast and QoS control.

 Adopting the latest last mile technologies such as VDSL2, operators can secure enough bandwidth for their target services such as multi channel IPTV service via existing POTS line. VDSL2 provides symmetric 100Mbps over POTS line to deliver multi channels of HDTV for residential services and it is also ideal for commercial services because of symmetric high bandwidth capacity.


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