FTTH with IPv6

 After IANA finished the distribution of IPv4 addresses in 2011, the shortage of IP addresses is going realized for many operators. To top it all, the popularity of mobile terminals, the growth of broadband home network and the transition to All-IP network make the demand of IP addresses soaring. Transition to IPv6 network is proceeding in many operators over the worldwide.

 Translation of IPv4 to and from IPv6 is required in IPv6 network due to coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 terminals in real world. The economics and performance of translation can be the key concern when adopting IPv4 terminal to IPv6 network. The deployment of additional terminal equipment just for the translation will make the cost and complexity of management higher.

  Corecess’ IPv6 solution supports NAT of IPv4 to/from IPv6 based on both of IPv4/v6 Dual Stack, Stateless IP/ICMP Translation (SIIT), IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel and IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel . The high performance of translation in ONT can make the transition to IPv6 network easier and give economics preventing from the deployment of additional terminal equipment for translation.


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