FTTH with Video Overlay

 Cable operators can upgrade their existing Hybrid Fiber Coaxial cable network to FTTH network with GPON or GEPON technologies. The 1550 nm broadcast analog video signal can be delivered over P2MP GPON or GEPON network by using WDM technology. With simple architecture and easy implementation, cable operators can provide high speed data and voice service with high quality video while protecting their existing investment such as set top boxes at customer premises. 

 To keep the high quality of video under the various environment of customer premises, noise and distortion have to be minimized in video overlay solution by maintaining high level of Carrier to Noise Ratio(CNR) and suppressing Composite Second Order(CSO) and Composite Triple Beat(CTB).

 Corecess provides video overlay solution on GPON and GEPON with wide range of ONT that support RF output. The outstanding characteristics of Corecess video overlay solution on CNR, CSO and CTB guarantee the superior quality of video even under the vulnerable environment such as old cable plant in customer premises.


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