As the new revenue sources for service providers, IPTV service on the broadband network became common in worldwide and is evolving with more sophisticated technology and better quality. FTTH network is best suited for IPTV service due to unlimited bandwidth and transmission quality of fiber. GPON and GEPON are being widely adopted as the affordable and practical technologies of FTTH network for IPTV service.

 For the better quality of IPTV service, characteristics of FTTH solution such as packet loss, jitter, delay and zapping time are vital issues of technical terms and should be handled properly while providing TPS or QPS. And controllability of network and management of subscriber are also the key concern of service provider to deliver the unified service that combined several different services such as internet data access, voice, IPTV and mobile data service.

 Based on more than 10 years of experience supporting IPTV service for nationwide major Telco as well as small scale local ISP, Corecess offers the optimized FTTH solution for IPTV service. Service providers feel easier to implement and operate the IPTV service with Corecess’ solution supporting the latest multicast technology such as PIM, IGMP for IPv4 and MLD for IPv6 and the sophisticated management technology. Users have superior experience of quality of IPTV service with Corecess’ solution minimized jitter, delay and zapping time, without any packet loss



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