Solution Overview

  The evolution of broadband access market demands the innovation in access network in terms of bandwidth and intelligence. The new services such as Triple Play Service including IPTV service have been introduced and Quadruple Play Service, added mobile data service on TPS, became worldwide phenomena. The deregulation and convergence of service bring more competition in the market.

  The changes of these market demands are having the service providers adopt the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network with the improved intelligence in their access network. The FTTH network is considered to be the ultimate goal of broadband access network for the unlimited bandwidth capacity of fiber. Users connected to FTTH network are experiencing more diverse services and service providers are developing their new revenue sources. 

 Corecess addresses these growing needs with the new generation FTTH solution based on experience of serving more than 5 million broadband users in the worldwide. Corecess offers the total solution for the FTTH network with various types of OLT, ONT, ONU, field passives and OSP products based on the state-of-the-art optical link technologies such as GPON, GEPON and WDM PON. Corecess’ integrated solution enables the service providers to provide the QPS with the field-proven IPV6 technology.


 The S5 is the scalable OLT platform that provides the optical link of Gigabit Ethernet, GPON, GEPON and WDM PON and supports high performance of switching, routing and QoS function to enable the QPS as well as the TPS. The S2 and S1 are small scale GPON and GEPON OLT respectively that expand service coverage limited by PON links through connection with S5. The combination of S5 and S2/S1 provides the high flexibility and economics in FTTH network with deployment of the S5 in high density area and S2/S1 in low density area such as the rural area.

 Corecess provides wide ranges of ONT that enables the QPS for residential and commercial users. The ONT has various options with combination of optical link technology, data, voice over IP, wireless LAN and video RF for Video overlay service. Service providers will have benefits of economics with selection of optimized ONT in line with their target customers and services. The ONT supports the full feature for high performance gateway such as routing and QoS control functions. 

 Corecess provides the intelligent wireless LAN Access Point which is directly coupled to PON optical links for mobile data service and the Fiber to the Building solution with various ONU that support the advanced last mile technology like VDSL2. 

 Corecess' FTTH solution including OLT and ONT is ready for IPv6 service with the field proven NAT46(64) and Dual Stack Lite. 

Corecess Advantage

Future-proof FTTH network solution

  Corecess provides wide ranges of optical link solutions such as Gigabit Ethernet, GPON, GEPON and WDM PON and various types of ONT. Service providers have benefits of the flexibility and economics while establishing the FTTH network and evolving their services by selection of best suited solution in accordance of their target customers and services, size of node and existing network environment. Corecess’ QPS enabled FTTH solution is ready for IPv6 era of near future. 

Common platform for both residential and commercial service

  With high intelligence and reliability, service provider can deliver both residential and commercial services with an integrated single access network. Features of high performance multicast, QoS control and routing function enable the IPTV service for residential users and LAN-to-LAN bandwidth service for commercial users with options of optical link technology. Redundancy of system and optical link improve the resiliency of network. 

End to End total solution

  Based on deep experience of successful FTTH network deployment in worldwide, Corecess provides total solution for FTTH network including active equipment such as OLT and ONT as well as passive components like splitters and OSP products. Customer will feel easier and simpler with Corecess’ turnkey FTTH solution and support capability on design, implantation and operation of FTTH network.

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