The S102 (uOLT) is a small scale E-PON OLT for connection between Ethernet and E-PON networks. In the present time, new service requires not only old function but also new function on xDSL/Cable Modem. Today, the FTTH technology becomes popular through E-PON, and the E-PON network made a low cost solution for FTTH service. The E-PON can be deployed more safely and efficiently with SLA (Service Level Agreement), blocking subscriber, bandwidth guarantee for delay sensitive service, and efficient Multicast control on IP TV service through fiber communication from CO (Central Office) to whole subscribers. S102 (uOLT) provides efficient FTTH solution such as QoS, multicasting, VLAN, bandwidth limitation, standardized management, easy S/W upgrade, and optimized subscriber with network management.

  • Temperature hardened Dual port GEPON OLT
    • Two port Gigabit Ethernet or GWDM-PON Interface for network
    • Two port GEPON for subscriber
    • Uplink connection span reaches up to 100km with commercial single core GbE SFP optical module
    • In-band management

  • Compact size to install in various network environment
    • Fits into 19” 1RU with power and splitter/WDM media converter
    • 210(W) x 150(D) x 41.3(H) mm
    • Full front access
    • Temperature hardened with operating -20℃ ~ +60℃
    • Power : AC/DC/HFC feed DC

  • Support standard Layer 2 function
    • VLAN processing including 802.1Q and Q-in-Q
    • Support quick network recovery with RSTP

  • Superior performance of GEPON
    • Supports multiple Logical Link Identifier
    • Hardware based high speed Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

  • Supports QoS management and multicast
    • Support multi-field classification for filtering
    • Support congestion control for Strict Priority (SP) or Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
    • Provide IGMP snooping and quick channel conversion

  • Management features
    • Remote upgrade, provisioning and management capabilities through TFTP, FTP, CLI, SNMP, RMON, Telnet or ViewlinX™ EMS




slot S1 chassis


AC power supply unit for S1, 100~240VAC to 3.3VDC/13A


DC power supply unit for S1, -48VDC to 3.3VDC/13A

S1-PLC 2X14

Optical GEPON splitter for S1, dual 1x4 split

S1-PLC 2X18

Optical GEPON splitter for S1, dual 1x8 split

Corecess 3702W

GWDM-PON Media Converter, 2 port SC/APC, 2 port SFP1000BaseX

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