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  • KT Picks Corecess for GEPON
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  • KT Picks Corecess for GEPON

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    SEOUL -- Corecess Inc., a pioneer and major provider of IP broadband access solutions for the advanced service market, today announced that it has been selected by KT, the largest Korean fixed carrier who has reputation as world broadband leader, as its Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) solution supplier for its first commercial Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment. KT will provide real Triple Play Service (TPS) including multiple IP TV streams, VoD and internet access through a single FTTH connection to their customers.

    The deal is for the first phase of KT’s planned 1.74M FTTH deployment due up to 2009. This first project, which is targeting over 20K customers, will be implemented by GEPON technology brought by Corecess Optical Line Terminal (OLT) based on company’s S5 platform and Corecess 3800 series Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The S5 platform is company’s new flagship IP based multiservice access platform for the convergence service area. It is highly upgradeable, scalable and flexible platform that is capable of accommodating both optical and DSL technologies in a standard compliant platform chassis. Corecess 3800 series is GEPON ONT that embeds advanced layer 2 functions to enable IP TPS at customer premises. It provides multiple Ethernet ports to give connectivity for such various service appliances as IP STB. Corecess 3804T, 4 port Fast Ethernet version, is selected for this first deployment.

    Corecess is awarded after 6 months extensive Bench Mark Testing (BMT) for whole features required for TPS by KT over 15 competitive vendors including both Korean and International power houses.

    Through the whole process of BMT and business negotiation, Corecess GEPON solution was proved to be the most competitive one among competitions in terms of performace, stability, reliability and price. This was a crucial factor for the decision.

    “KT is the one of leading operators in broadband services and has strategic importance to Corecess as the compass that presents the direction of future broadband network.” said Yeong-bong Son, Executive VP of sales & marketing, Corecess. He also noted that Corecess would take advantage in standing good position over competitors in wining ongoing deal for KT by being honored this initial deployment deal.

    Corecess Inc.

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