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  • Corecess Global Announces the Corecess 8100 VDSL IP DSLAM
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  • Corecess Global, Inc. is the North America Business Unit of South Korea's Corecess Corporation, a 
    publicly traded company in Korea. Corecess was recently named by Deloitte & Touche as the third-
    fastest growing tech company in Asia-Pacific. Founded in 1997, it has grown to over $266M in sales 
    in 2002. Corecess develops, manufactures and markets access communications systems to meet IP 
    broadband and converged "triple play" voice/video/data needs. It offers the full spectrum of DSLAM 
    and Ethernet switching products and customer premise equipment purpose-built for the carrier, 
    enterprise, and hospitality and residential multi-tenant markets, including 24-port to 384-port 
    DSLAMs. Its systems are sold to OEMs, service providers and system integrators globally. With over 
    2.7 million DSL lines deployed and offices in 10 countries, Corecess is a leading manufacturer of IP 
    distribution technology. Major Corecess customers include Korea Telecom, Hanaro Telecom, Yahoo 
    Japan and China Telecom. Corecess Global is located in San Jose, Calif., and can be contacted at 
    tel: 408/441-0404 or http://www.corecess.com.  
    CONTACT: Corecess Global, Inc.  
    Steve Klein, 408/441-0404 x107  
    SOURCE: Corecess Global  
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