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  • Hanaro Selects Corecess
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  • Hanaro Selects Corecess

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    SEOUL -- Hanaro Telecom, Korea's leading integrated telecommunications company providing a broad range of broadband Internet and voice services, has selected Corecess Inc., a pioneer and major provider of IP broadband access solutions for the advanced service market, as its Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) solution partner for its new broadband service over Fiber To The Mdu (FTTMdu) that will serve its apartment subscribers.

    Hanaro Telecom will build GEPON based new MDU broadband access network where it has deployed Corcess flagship S5 platform Optical Line Terminal (OLT) in central office and R1 series Ethernet Optical Network Unit (ONU) in each MDU buildings. This new type of service targets apartment houses where structured cabling that capable of Fast Ethernet is already established and will deliver all Hanaro’s advanced service offerings including recently launched Video On Demand (VoD) service.

    Hanaro’e decision was based on the carrier-grade functionality and reliability of the Corecess S5 plaform OLT and R1 ONU that had been qualified through Bench Mark Testing (BMT) and subsequent field trial. This deal is the second win in GEPON field that Corecess has marked since it launched S5 platform based GEPON solution. “This deal has strategic importance to Corcess in that Corecess established its position as a leading vendor in emerging EPON market with succeeding wins in Hanaro after KT. With this deal, Corecess secured market proven solution in both EPON-Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and EPON-Ethernet based Fiber To The Node (FTTN).” said Yeong-bong Son, Executive VP of sales & marketing, Corecess. He also noted that Corecess would enhance solution offerings with addition of ADSL and VDSL to its fiber access solution portfolio to facilitate easy migration from legacy copper-based access to bandwidth and feature rich fiber-based access.

    Corecess Inc.

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