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  • Song, Maxisat Launch Advanced Broadband
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  • Song, Maxisat Launch Advanced Broadband

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    HELSINKI -- Song Networks and Maxisat have launched a new advanced all-in-one broadband service in Finland. The new service is called Maxinetti and includes high speed internet access, a variety of multicasted high quality TV channels and IP telephony that can be used simultaneously over one single xDSL interface - using television screen or PC as a terminal device.

    The service is distributed to the subscribers via Corecess ADSL2+ Integrated Access Server (IAS) Technology. Corecess advanced IAS technology can handle all necessary mechanisms like switching, routing, IP multicast, IP QoS and subscriber management in one integrated system. Corecess 6800 IAS in combination with Song Networks MPLS-backbone architecture and Ethernet distribution network enables scalability, resilience and usability that are key requirements for the service.

    "We are pleased to see that Corecess is representing an opportunity for us to increase our revenue and to really differentiate against the competition. Corecess equipment makes it possible and commercially interesting to offer this new type of services on the market. Finally subscribers are really able to fully benefit from broadband service, gain access to rich content and ease of use for both work and fun", says Jorma Mellin, Datacom Manager at Song Networks Oy.

    "The demand for new broadband services is growing. Song Networks is a pioneer in seeing and matching these demands. We are very pleased to see that our Corecess 6800 IAS IP-DSLAM is playing a crucial role in enabling the technical as well as commercial aspects of their innovative service offerings", says Peter Hagelin, Sales and Marketing Director at Corecess Inc.

    Song Networks Holding AB

    Corecess Inc.

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