Corecess 3800 Series

  Corecess 3800 series is IEEE 802.3ah compliant Gigabit Ethernet PON (GEPON) Optical Network Terminal (ONT) solution for advanced IP service delivery in a single fiber FTTH environment. Corecess 3800 series ONT enables the service providers to address new streams of revenue generating services for innovative, bandwidth intensive applications such as IP video and home multimedia services.

  The extensive line of Corecess 3800 series ONT solutions mainly target residential or small business subscribers, with options for number of ports or speed of subscriber Ethernet ports. Corecess 3802 provides a port of Fast Ethernet and a port of Gigabit Ethernet for subscriber interfaces.. Corecess 3804 offers four ports of Fast Ethernet for subscriber interfaces. These ONTs are packaged for in-door deployment.

  Corecess 3800 series ONT is configured and managed through S5 OLT. The ONT functionalities which are managed by OLT include ONT status monitoring, QoS policy enforcement, ONT alarm collection and software upgrade.

  • GEPON Interface
    • Fully IEEE 802.3ah Compliant
    • Multiple LLIDs

  • QoS support: Multi-field classification & multiple queue support

  • Layer 2 bridging and VLAN support

  • Dying-Gasp Support



Corecess 3804TNS

4 port RJ45 10/100BaseTX, 1 port 1000Base-PX10-U SC/PC

Corecess 3804TNS-20K

4 port RJ45 10/100BaseTX, 1 port 1000Base-PX20-U SC/PC

Corecess 3804TN-EVO

Video Overlay with 4 ports RJ45 10/100BaseTX, 1 F connector for RF out

Corecess 3802TNS

1 port RJ45 10/100/1000BaseT  & 1 port RJ45 10/100BaseTX 
1 port 1000Base-PX10-U SC/PC

Corecess 3802TNS-20K

1 port RJ45 10/100/1000BaseT  & 1 port RJ45 10/100BaseTX
1 port 1000Base-PX20-U SC/PC

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