Corecess 3251 VDSL2 CPE

  The global acceptance of the Triple Play Service and its fast expansion helped in the creation of high grade QoS and the global business environment. xDSL technology is the best solution for ‘Last mile’ and a large number of people all over the world are becoming reliant on the internet. Now VDSL is the first choice for high capability and high speed service using by already own network infrastructure. Whilst business and customers reside at the access networks, new business access requires highly reliable links hence the infrastructure must provide efficiency, robustness and scalability.

  The Corecess 3251/3251J base on an advanced VDSL interface with DMT technology, it will provide 10/100Mbps transmission speed between Corecess R1P-VD series. The Corecess 3251/3251J is a external VDSL modem equipment which is a part of the Corecess Smart DSL series solution, its provides fully duplicated 100Mbps transmission speed. The Corecess 3251/3251J provided 10/100 Base-TX, RJ-45 ports for PC connectivity it combined with UTP cable as well as RJ-11 ports will provide telephone wire connection.

  • Optimized High bandwidth VDSL System
    • Fully duplicated 100 Mbps / Its means up & down stream is 100Mbps

  • Maximized Global Environment Compatibility
    • Compliant with ANSI T1.424-2004
    • Compliant with ITU-T G.993.1-2004, G.993.2, TS 101 270-1, 270-2, T1.424-2004
    • Operable over UTP, CPEV, TIV, SH and interphone cables

  • Fully support advanced voice / data services in the same time via embedded POTS Splitter
    • Corecess 3251 only

  • Automatically shutdown the power when operator enable this function




VDSL2 Modem
1 port RJ11 Line & 1 port RJ11 POTS port & 1 port RJ45 10/100BaseTX


1 port RJ11 Phone Line & 1 port RJ45 10/100BaseTX

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